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Monday, July 13, 2020

Animate a Bubble Chart in Power BI

Animated Bubble Chart probably got their start from Hans Rosling's TED talk demo using their Gapminder tool. This data visualization has come a long way with quite a few tools that enable this animation. Power BI is one of those tools that have this capability. It is part of the scatter chart visualization using the play field. However there is also another data visualization tool you can download from the Power BI Visuals marketplace called Play Axis that gives you some more options. This video will cover creating an animated bubble chart using both.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Calculate Differences From Values in a Pivot Table

A pivot table is a great tool to do analysis since it's useful for summing up or aggregating data. However it has some fancier custom calculations and one of these is to find the difference between values. A useful example is when you want to see how many items you sold in the different months between two years. This video will show a data set of cars sales between 2017 and the previous year to figure out the difference of monthly sales between the two years. You might think it maybe a calculation to calculate the difference between two pivot tables, but it's just one and just subtraction (or comparison) between two columns It's a short video to show you how to make a year over year comparison between data.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Excel Combination Chart of Sales vs Target

If you need to chart some kinds of data to a goal like sales to a target, Excel makes this easy with the combo chart of a column chart along with a line chart (initially). The columns can be the sales and the line series will represent the target. Most times this is enough when you have a target that doesn't change much. However if there are change to the target having the line vary may not looks visually appealing. Another example in this videos that is also a combo chart is actually using the combination of two column charts but have them on different y axis.