There’s lots of great tools that Project Managers (PMs) use in their day to day work. The most common tools I bet you're using are Excel and PowerPoint. You may already be using them, but are you using them effectively? You may be staring at the screen trying to put together a spreadsheet or presentation but wondering if what you're producing is going to have an impact or the right impact. It's more than just using the different features of these tools, it's using them in a way to makes your stakeholders come up to you and say "Wow. Nice work! How'd you do that?"

I've got a course on how to use Excel and another one on how to use Excel and PowerPoint to communicate effectively. The first one is focused on how to use a tool to manage data and the second one focuses on how to influence with the data when it becomes information. These courses are on the Udemy platform. It's available online, anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. Don’t miss the chance to learn new skills or enhance your current skill-set.  Not sure on making the investment? Don't worry because if you're not satisfied Udemy provides a 30 day refund policy. This policy is there to ensure students who begin a course and are not satisfied for any reason can get a full refund on their purchase.


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