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Monday, July 6, 2020

Convert Numbers to Words in Excel

Convert numbers to words seems lot a often sought out request for Excel. One day it may be a function or even command that can be entered or clicked on the ribbon. However it's not, but there is a workaround solution that Microsoft has provided in the form of VBA. They actually posted a knowledge article (along with the code) on a function call SPELLNUMBER. Just do a web search for this text to find the Microsoft page to get the code and instructions on how to apply it. One caveat is that there will be some errors to troubleshoot through, but it wasn't so bad.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Risk Assessment Chart in Excel

In Excel, creating a risk assessment chart (aka impact / probability chart) is fairly easy. All you need is the risk assessment matrix (with a not so large scale) and about fifteen minutes of time. Once finished you can put this into your favorite presentation software (PowerPoint?) and even make this into a template for the future.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Perform a Two Way, Three Way or N Way Lookup with Power Query

If you're doing lookups, you might use the different lookup functions like LOOKUP, VLOOKUP or INDEX / MATCH. To add another option into the mix, you can also do lookups with Power Query. One benefit is that if you perform two way (three way or more), writing the formulas with the lookup functions get a bit complex. The other benefit is that Power Query can handle larger tables and also appear more dynamic (i.e., just clicking refresh to get updated data). To see how it could be done, check out the video.