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Monday, September 28, 2020

Create a Calendar Table based on Start and End Date Inputs

If you into building data models and your tables include dates, a good thing to have is a separate calendar table. You may want to create a calendar table that has the date, month name, year day name, etc. This give you ways to slice and dice the data for further analysis and also a way to uniformly reference your other tables to one calendar table. It's fairly easy to create a list of dates in Excel by having a start date and incrementing by one day, but that is static. You'll always need to update it when new data comes in. The preferable way to do this is to automate it and that's when Power Query comes into play.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Animate a Social Media Phone Feed in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is great for animations and if you wanted to simulate a mobile phone screen as if someone was to browse through their social media feeds, this can be done in most versions of PowerPoint quite easily. In the latest versions of PPT (Office or Microsoft 365 subscription or 2019), you can use the Morph feature to do this. If you don't have those PPT versions, this can be done via the animation command. This video will show both examples of how to animate scrolling through a feed on a mobile phone image.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Turn a Picture into Puzzle Pieces in PowerPoint

If you want to create a puzzle piece image out of an existing image, you'd think it was something that could only be done in Photoshop or pay someone to do. With most versions of PowerPoint, this can be done with just a few steps. You can event animate the pieces with the morph command (but this would take Microsoft 365 subscription or PPT 2019). Later on in this video I'll show the animation effect using that morph feature. If you don't have the current versions of PPT, you can do this with the animations command, but it'll just take more work (that won't be covered in this video, but subscribe and check out my other animations vid on As a bonus near the end of the vid, making an image out of other shapes will be covered so check it out.