Monday, June 19, 2023

Convert One Column Address List Same & Different Row Amounts

When you get a list of addresses, sometimes it’s in a good format to do a mail merge. That’s when you’ve got the name is one column, address in another column, etcetera. If you get an address list with all that information in ONE column, it’s not that hard to copy and paste transpose to another set of cell ranges IF there aren’t too many records (less than five). When you get a list of records that are higher, say more than 10 records, then it becomes more time consuming. Get to 20+ records, and you might as well forget about taking the afternoon off. BUT if the records follow a consistent and static structure, then you can use some formula tricks to take care of it quite easily. AND if the records don’t follow a structure, but have some sort of pattern, there’s also a way to take care of that and unstack this data.

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