Monday, March 13, 2023

Why You Should Use Excel Advanced Filter For This

Do you have complexed filtering to do on your table data? Is your boss looking over your shoulder while giving your instructions on let’s filter for this and that and include these two, three, or four other things? You’re probably thinking how am I going to do this? Put it in a Pivot Table? Write a VBA script? Hold on...there’s already something in Excel that can do this advanced filtering. It’s even been around since the late 2000s...and it’s appropriately called.... Advanced Filter. You’d be surprised what type of complex filtering can be done with a feature that’s been around since Excel 2007, but it’s there. Once you realize how useful it is, it’ll be your secret tool for complex filters. Even though Microsoft wows us with new filtering features, like the dynamic array function FILTER just know that you can still do some pretty cool stuff with the good old advance filter feature. See FILTER function at

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