Monday, February 20, 2023

What Excel Experts Aren't Saying about the LAMBDA Function

The Lambda function is one of those newest functions in the latest Microsoft 365 Excel subscription. What it basically does is let you combine a bunch of functions or steps into one function. For the average Excel user, you are probably not going to use this. In fact it’s said that most people use about only 10% of the features and functions of Excel. So when you hear someone mention this is one of the best new functions in Excel, you might want to think twice about that. Most people will probably not use this function on a daily basis. BUT if you are someone who creates Excel templates for others to use or just love an alternative to VBA, then this other weird sounding function is the perfect addition to your Excel toolbelt. You can see that using or creating functions with the LAMBDA function is easy. The key is that when you want to put together large combinations of functions and make it easier to call the next time, the LAMBDA function makes it much easier to use. Plus, there’s the recursion capability, so you VBA loving people may just eat that up and LAMBDA could become your new best friend.

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