Monday, November 29, 2021

Create Static Timestamp of Start / End Dates in Excel

If you're doing some project management and don't have a large budget, you'll probably end up using MS Excel as a poor man's project management tool. One concept in most project management timelines is the concept of estimated dates and actual dates. Usually you'd input the dates manually for these dates, but it would be nice to have the actual date entered "auto-magically" based on the value changes of another cell (i.e., when a percent complete is entered). But you don't want the actual dates to change after the initial value is triggered in that cell. This video covers a workaround using iterative calculations and sort of breaks a rule in spreadsheet design where you don't want circular references. In this case, we'll have to change the spreadsheet setting to allow for it. See the video to learn how to do this.

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