Sunday, June 27, 2021

Perform Year over Year Analysis with a Pivot Table

If you're familiar with Pivot Table, it's a great analysis tool. One common type of analysis is to compare the year over year (or month over month) change or growth of items. Maybe it the comparison of the actual number value or you could want the percentage change. One option is to have your data in the pivot table ready and make the calculations outside of the table (e.g., in the next column). But if you do it that way and make changes in the Pivot Table, the outside cell calculation could not work because they might be reference different cells now. This video will look at a simple data set of car sales and see how to compare the difference and percent differences over two years and make comparisons by date (months) and even by the car make to emphasis the flexibility of Pivot Table when you make changes. You don't need to calculate the change outside of the Pivot; instead let Excel do it for you. Then all you need to to it to plug your final table into a report or presentation.

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