Monday, April 5, 2021

Power Query Append Queries Not Working - Mismatch Column Names

Appending tables in Power Query is fairly straightforward. The great thing about using Power Query is that the files can all be in one folder and with the magic of the append feature in power query it quick and easy. That is unless the tables in the files are different like having mismatch column names. Lets assume that the column structure is the same; the tables in each file have the same number of columns and its just one sheet per workbook and even that is the same (i.e., Sheet1). However the column names in each workbook is slightly different. For example column one in one file is called "ID" and column one in the second file is called "IDs". The one additional character can make appending the files produce the wrong result. You can edit each file to make sure the column names are the same and that is not too much trouble if it is just a few files. But if it is more than ten files then it becomes a chore, especially if this is something that is done on a recurring basis. There is a workaround, so check out the video to learn how.

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