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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Add Multiple Series of Data to X Y Scatter Chart

If you're creating a scatter plot it may begin with one series of x,y data. But later on you may want to put a second set of data or a second line into your chart. You may have 2 variables, 3 variables or multiple variables! Basically this are multiple groups or multiple sets of data and you'd want to plot two or more things at once. This vid will show you how to quickly add multiple scatter plots into your graph chart and even cover labeling your series of data. Well it covers more of how to label your series of data via the legend and even though Excel can give you two or more colors to separate out those series, you may want to use markers to help differentiate it more.


  1. Hey Doug,

    How would I create a scatter chart with 0-12 on both X and Y but I also want 0-12 on the right and top for a 3rd and 4th variable? I am sure there is a way to add the numbers and axis title on the right and top isn't there?

  2. Or do I make two charts and combine them some how?