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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Create All Possible Combinations from Two or More Lists in Power Query

If you have two or more list and wanted to figure out all the possible combinations of the items of those list, it would be called a cross join, many to many join or a cartesian join. This can actually be done easily with Power Query. It shouldn't take too long if your source list are small. But if your list are bigger, you could potentially have output that could be a table of several million rows or records. If you know Excel, it does support 1M+ records in a single worksheet, but not over 2 million records. An example in this video will cover 4M+ records but the workaround is to separate the records into a million each and put all of it into a text file. See the video to learn how generate all possible combinations from two or more list.via IFTTT

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