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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Create a Custom Number Format for a Chart Axis

After you've created a chart (like a line or column chart) Excel usually give you some default format for your x or y axis.  For the most part, Excel is "guessing" your numerical or alpha values and giving it's best shot on the type of labeling for the axis.  Sometime that's acceptable but other times it just doesn't make sense.  You'd think Excel was smart enough to read your mind and figure it out for you.  We are not there yet BUT you do have the option of customized the format of the chart axis to some extent.  What kind of customization can Excel do?  Well for example you want the Y axis to have different colors at some mid-point like the axis label numbers above 100 are red colored and the ones below it are green colored.  See the video to learn how this is done.

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