Use a Dropdown List to Switch between a Table or Chart

Sometimes you want to see a Table and sometimes you’d want to see a Chart.  How about both?  And have the option to switch between both?  It like having a button to go between a table and chart.  This tip will step you through how to create not a button … Continue Reading →

Customize a Tab on the Ribbon

  • By Doug H
  • 12 July, 2017
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Are you the type that likes to be unique?  Do you like to customize your phone or desktop screen?  Are there some icons on the tab in the Excel Ribbon that you’d like to change or maybe you’d just like to add more command icons to certain tabs.  Well there … Continue Reading →

Sort Columns or Rows

  • By Doug H
  • 28 June, 2017
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Sorting things is just one of those basic tasks that you’ll find yourself doing quite often in Excel. And you’ll find Excel an excellent tool to sort by ascending or descending order in a column or by rows.  You can even do multiple sorting in a table like sorting by … Continue Reading →

Prevent a Chart from Changing Size

  • By Doug H
  • 14 June, 2017
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You’ve create a nice looking chart with the right size and shape of your columns, lines or pictures.  It’s a masterpiece, but a little too big so you’ve decided to resize some columns or rows to show more of the chart and when you do, it messes everything up.  Argggh!! … Continue Reading →

Create a Stock Chart

  • By Doug H
  • 31 May, 2017
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Are you tracking a stock investment and wanted to see how it’s trending over a period of time?  But not just happy looking at numbers in a table?  Well create a chart….more specifically create a stock chart! This type of chart will let you look at the trend of high/low/open/close … Continue Reading →