Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Create a Flowchart in Excel

Want to create flowcharts or swim lanes but don't have the money to get expensive software like Microsoft Visio? If you wanted to create a basic flow chart and swim lane flow chart you can actually do it in Excel! It might not be as feature rich as Visio, but with some simple shapes and other drawing objects, you'll create a basic flow chart or swim lane in no time. See the video to learn how.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Create a Doughnut Chart

A doughnut chart is similar to pie chart in that it's round, but that where most of the similarities stop. Doughnut charts have the added benefit of providing more space for data to show relationships between things. Like many other Excel charts, there are different ways to show the data in a doughnut chart, so check out this video to learn 4 ways.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Use the Consolidate Feature to Combine Data

Do you want to combine tables together?  Lets say you have sales data that span multiple columns but there rows and rows of values.  Also there are multiple worksheets (or tabs) that have the same format.  The only difference is that one worksheet if for salesperson A and the other worksheet is for salesperson B.  Now with two sales people the act of combining this together would be a simple copy/paste.  However if you have more sales people (like 10, 15, or more!), that would be a lot of copying and pasting.  Instead of doing that, just use the consolidate feature in Excel to do the heavy lifting.  See how it's done with this video.