Saturday, January 27, 2018

Alt + Enter Carriage Return Not Working


I recently was asked by someone why the ALT + Enter keyboard combination was not working.  Usually ALT + Enter would create a carriage return in a cell so it would look something like this:

Tried to check to see if word wrap was turned on in the cell. It was checked so that was not the issue.
Tried to check if Edit mode (press F2 or click in the formula bar when you have the cell selected).  That was not the issue.
Check to see if any “strange” add-on or macros were set.  None.
I asked to have the file sent to my computer and it worked.  But on the other computer it did not work.
The last bullet was a clue!  Apparently the way the other person’s keyboard set up was not for English (United States) – US.  Once we set this back to English…it worked!  So the windows to set this up is under Control Panel > Region and Language.

In the Region and Language window, click the Keyboard and Languages tab and click the Change keyboards… button. 

The Text Services and Input Languages window will appear. In the General tab, make sure the English (United States) – US option is selected.

After this was modified, ALT + Enter worked to add any carriage returns.