Copy Formatting from Cells or Charts to Another

  • By Doug H
  • 13 December, 2017
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You’ve created your table or chart with the font size/color you want.  You even selected the specific style with it’s fancy curves.  There’s even a specific border color and weight that you’ve set.  Yes… you are a bit obsessed with the look of the data. And you spent a LOT of time just to get it right…and you realized you only did it for a range of cells…and you need to do this for other ranges.  Do you have to go to each cell and go through the different cells and step by step add the different formatting…one by one? NO!  Just copy the formatting from the source cell(s) to your target cell(s).  Not only can you do this with cell, but if you made one chart with all this fancy formatting you may be able to copy the formatting to another chart.  It’s almost like magic, but no…it’s just the magic of Excel.  See the video to learn.


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