Use the Find and Replace Feature

  • By Doug H
  • 17 May, 2017
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You’ve got a table with thousands of records for inventory and there are about fifty to a hundred different product SKUs or PID (Stock Keeping Units or Product IDentification).  One day someone decides to change the SKU or PID; not change the actual product, but just the name!  Now you have to update your list to reflect that change, but you have to do it a thousand or so times. Do you think you’d have to manually go into each cell and type the change in?  Or maybe do a copy paste for each instance of the change? If you had to do that manually  for over a thousand instances, I bet you’d just rather shoot yourself (or the person who made this change).  Fear not, because there is a much EASIER way to do this.  You just FIND and then REPLACE.  You can have Excel find the offending text and replace it one by one or do it all it once. Check out the video to see how this magic works.


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